BJ's offer an extensive choice of meal experience for any event you are planning. Please ask us for a quote.

We deliver hot or cold food to very high hygeine standards and only ship food using the Catermax 100 transport system. (see photo) 

This ensures we control the freshness and temperature of the food to make sure it is perfect when it is served.

We do not use foil platters and cling film as this does not keep food fresh and may give rise to problems when consuming.

Why not try use for your next special occasion like:

  • Parties


  • BBQ's


  • Weddings 


  • Wakes


  • Christenings


  • Celebrations

Free delivery
inside 15 miles from the shop (at the discretion of the owners)

Variable transport costs dependent on location and ease of access etc.

Mileage limits may apply for longer delivery journeys

PLEASE NOTE: To ensure freshness & quality of food a geographic limit has to apply for some delivery requests.







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Daily Menu

Description Kids Standard Mega
Sausage or Bacon or Egg £1.10 £2.00 £2.70
Sausage & Bacon £1.30 £2.35 £3.05
Sausage & Egg £1.30 £2.20 £2.90
Bacon & Egg £1.30 £2.20
Sausage & Bacon & Egg - £2.55
 B.L.T (bacon, lettuce, tomato) - £2.25 £2.95
Breakfast Bap - (2 sausages, 2 bacon, egg, beans & tomatoes)
 - -
"Bad Boy" Breakfast Bap (2 sausages, 2 bacon, 2 eggs, beans, tomatoes, mushrooms, hash browns & black pudding)
 -  - £4.25
Porridge / Corn Flakes  -  - £0.99
Kids Breakfast (Any 3 items + Toast) £1.50  -  -
Small Breakfast "A" (Sausage, Bacon, Egg, Beans, Tomatoes, Toast  -  - £2.50
Breakfast "B" (2 Sausages, 2 Bacon, 2 Eggs, Beans, Tomatoes & Toast)  - £3.50

Belly Buster (Breakfast "B" + Hash Browns, Mushrooms & Black Pudding)

Now includes free hot drink

 -  - £4.95

Extras & Pies and Pasties - see next menu >> 


Jacket Potatoes

Description Price Extra Fillings
Cheese/Beans £2.70 15p Each
Mayo Mixes £3.00 15p Each
Chilli / Curry £2.80 15p Each
Prawns £3.20 15p Each

 Plain Rolls

Description Kids  Standard Standard + Salad  Mega
Mega + Salad
 Salad Only
80p £1.50  £2.20
 Potted Meat
80p £1.70 £1.90 £2.20 £2.40
 Ham, Cheese, Pork, Tuna, Turkey, Corned Beef 80p £1.70 £1.90 £2.20 £2.40
 Ham & Cheese
90p £1.90 £2.10
£2.50 £2.70

 Mayo Mixes

 Description Kids Standard
Standard  + Salad
Mega + Salad 
 Egg, Tuna, Tuna & Sweetcorn
90p £1.80
 £2.35 £2.55
Chicken, Chicken Tikka, Coronation Chicken, Prawns
£1.00 £2.00 
 £2.55 £2.75
 Prawns, BBQ & Chilli Chicken Strips
£1.10 £2.20 £2.30
 £2.75 £2.95



 Description Kids Standard
- -
Mega + 70p
10p 20p
Pickle, Mustard, Apple Sauce etc
10p 10p  15p

Salad Boxes

 Description Price
 Ham, Cheese, Pork, Tuna, Turkey, Corned Beef
Tuna Mayo / Egg Mayo
 Chicken Mayo
 Chicken Strips or Prawns
 Pasta Salad
 Tortilla Wraps


 Description Price
Tea, Coffee, Hot Chocolate
Latte or Cappuccino
 Sponge Cakes (from)
Fresh Cream Cakes 85p


Basic Buffet - £4.95

Open rolls of Ham, Beef, Turkey, Cheese and Tuna

Quiche Slices

Spicy Snacks

Snack Size Sausage Rolls

Cocktail Sausages

Cheese, Onions, Pineapple sticks

Crisps and Snacks




Classic Buffet - £6.50 (per person)

Open Rolls, Mini Rolls and Wraps with up to 10 traditional and deluxe fillings

Quiche Slices and Pork pie slices

Assorted Chicken Goujons

Spicy Snacks


Sausage Rolls and Cocktail Sausages

Cheese, Onions, Pineapple Sticks

Cakes & Gateaux


Party Special Buffet - £7.25 (per person)

Extensive Range of Fresh Baked Open Rolls and Wraps

Quiche Selection

Pork Pies Slices

Pasta Arabiatta with Fresh Basil

Green Salad Bowl

Home Made Coleslaw

Popcorn Chicken and Chicken Goujons

Chicken Satays, Pakora, Bhajis and Samosas

Cocktail Sausages

Crips and Tortillas

Choice of at least 6 Desserts


Unbelievable Value!


Up to 75 guests is only £425

(saving nearly £120!)


Up to 150 guests is 825

(saving over £250!)


Kids Buffet - £4.50 (per person)

Open rolls of Ham, Cheese, Egg, Potted Beef and Tuna

Snack size Sausage Rolls

Cocktail Sausages

Chicken Nuggets, Pizza, Fish Bites and Potato Waffles

Crisps and Snacks


Vegetarian options available

Fruit Bowl can be substituted for cakes.

Daily Menu Extras, Pies & Pasties

Description Standard Mega
Beans, Tomatoes, Mushrooms etc 15p 20p
 Eggs/Hash Browns  - 20p 
Bacon/Sausage (included with above items) 35p 35p
Bacon/Sausage stand alone - 60p
'BAD BOY' Mega Plus - as priced +70p
Quarter Pounder Beef Burgers - From £2.00

Pies & Pastries

Description Price
Sausage Rolls 80p/£1.00
Pies £1.50
Cornish & Cheese Pasties £1.50
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